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Surfboard Fish twin fin

A modern fish designed to thrive in steeper wave conditions and operate confidently in the field of productive surfing. It has a more aggressive, tightened contour, tapering nose and tail, which distinguishes it from the traditional form of fish. The moderate rocker of the nose and tail allows you to make steeper drops, rather sharp turns and better fit into the pipes. The minimum contours of the bottoms maximize the planning surface and reduce drag. The finely-tuned bottom rails provide a decisive grip with a steeper wave faces and in the more extreme carving turns. Configurations with twin or quad fins are possible.


Surfboard made of wood, hollow inside and covered with fiberglass with epoxy resin.

Size 5' 7 " / Volume 23.00 l / Weight 6 kg

Surfboard Fatboy single fin

Old school surfboard-retro style. Single fin challenges the surfer's ability to read and use the energy of the wave itself. The Board's volume and wider outline compensate for the lack of length, allowing this board to have the smallest turning radius than most other forms. A flatter rocker and minimal bottom contours maximize the gliding surface. Its thickness extends all the way to the rails, paired with a wide tail for increased stability and buoyancy. The rounder, forgiving rails at the front go into a sharp exhaust rail from the tail with a " V " bottom, which is the basis for its arbitrary acceleration when surfing from the back of the board.


Surfboard made of wood, hollow inside and covered with fiberglass with epoxy resin.

Size 5' 3 " / Volume 30.00 l / Weight 5,5 kg

Surfboard Minimalibu thruster

This board has a full outline, but with performance elements that advanced surfers are looking for. This full-volume design is great not only for beginners or those transitioning to shorter boards, but also for more experienced ones falling into steep waves. A slight concavity under the nose creates lift to help when riding in front. A concave bottom of single to double creates lift at speed and directs water through the fins to accelerate out of the back. This board has a moderate rocker that supports speed, but still has enough nose lift to stick to steeper drops. The broad point sits directly under the chest, concentrating buoyancy under the surfer as it paddles, and smoothly transitions to the tail of square with a " V " bottom, allowing for a consensus between stability and maneuverability.


Surfboard made of wood, hollow inside and covered with fiberglass with epoxy resin.

Size 7' / Volume 39.00 l / Weight 7 kg

Surfboard Performance-style longboard

This round pintail is a performance-style version of the longboard, that is, it is designed with the possibility of easy speed and maneuverability, while leaving the possibility of driving through mellow surf. This surfboard performs well in various conditions, having the speed and control to cope with steeper and larger waves, and its volume allows you to take any waves you want to catch in a day with a small surf.

This Board has a moderate rocker, forgiving later and steeper drops. The full volume in the center provides the buoyancy you need to paddle more easily. The 60/40 rail profile retains good volume to stabilize the surfboard, while the down-smoothed rails move to sharper edges at the tail, which generate speed when you need it and encourage quick transitions from rail to rail. The pointed, but not too pointed, tail allows the surfer to easily start and complete fluid turns.


Surfboard made of wood, hollow inside and covered with fiberglass with epoxy resin.

Size 8' 6" / Volume 62.00 l / Weight 9 kg

Surfboard Classic noserider

The Classic noserider is a full body longboard designed to catch all the waves you want and wander from tip to tail while training or improving your footwork. It has the volume that bigger surfers, beginners and small waves need.

The noserider has a full contour, from a wider nose to a squash tail, providing the perfect platform for walking and riding the entire length. A flatter nose rocker provides stability while at (or near) the tip. After noticeable thighs, the tail end of the noserider tapers to a shank of the correct width squash tail; which, combined with the slight lift of the rocker arm and a bellied bottom, allow the board to roll and turn with surprising ease and speed. Rounded 60/40 rails retain volume for side-to-side stability and run all the way back through the tail, helping control surfboard speed so you can lock into the wave pocket.


Surfboard made of wood, hollow inside and covered with fiberglass with epoxy resin.

Size 9' 4" / Volume 68.00 l / Weight 10 kg

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About us

   A few years ago, a couple of experienced surfers got the question of getting aesthetic pleasure from the type of surfboard, and not only the top performance behavior and responsiveness of the board on the water. And also taking into account the existing problem of environmental pollution, it was decided to create surfboards from the material that gives the nature itself, the resource of which is self-renewable, and when you go to the line-up view shimmering in the sun covered with resin wooden surf would create a clear sense of fusion of man with nature, as it should be in fact.

   Every year we improved our skills and improved the quality of surfboards, and now we are ready to present you the fruits of our search.

Our history

We create handmade wooden surfboards. All surfboards are made with love and inspiration. Choose the type, size, style and use them with pleasure. You can choose a surfboard from those that are presented on the site, or we will be happy to make you a surfboard to order.


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